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5 Tips for Using Facebook For Small Businesses

Facebook is a social media platform used by billions of people in the world. As a result, businesses have had to adapt to using social media as a platform to remain competitive in the modern world. Facebook is one of the most useful social media platforms a small business can use to remain relevant and connect with its consumers if you are a B2C. Here are five tips your business can use to increase its sales by using Facebook:

1.     Update your Page

Make sure your page contains all your business' details. Make sure that your business name, working hours, contact information, website links etc. are all up to date. This will add value as consumers can get relevant information about the business from it quickly and easily.

2.     Post Frequently

Regular posts provide your consumers with something new to read and give them a reason to engage with your business. A stable stream of engaging posts helps to make your page stand out. It is also important not to just post about your business. Be sure to create/share posts that may be of interest to your consumers including posts relating to popular local events, news etc.

3.     Create Photo and Video Posts

Videos and images are needed to increase engagement. Do not post without some sort of video/photo content. Such content is needed to entice your customers to engage with your page. Consumers will enjoy looking at the images and watching the videos thus increasing engagement time on your Facebook page. Another important point is to make sure your images/videos are of high quality.

4.     Write Mobile-Friendly Content

Remember as you post on Facebook, an estimated 1.5 billion people on Facebook login via their mobile devices. So, it is worthwhile prioritize mobile users, by making your content short and simple. This will allow your customer to grasp the key information intended for them. Do not post 100's of words or waffle! Keep your post short and snappy with links to find out more.

5.     Use the Facebook Offer

Facebook Offer is an Ads tool that enables businesses to post offer ads on Facebook. Small businesses can use the tool to reach a wider audience while notifying their customers of the promotions that are currently running in the business. This could entail discounts and coupons you are offering consumers as a way of generating sales.

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